Thursday, March 24, 2011

Man gets the shit beat out of him by cops for mowing neighbours lawn

See now I just don't get white people at times, back when i was growing up,If our neighbour was mowing the lawn he'd more than often offer to do ours, on the flip side of the coin If I was made to wash the car, my parents would volunteer my services to our good neighbour.Sucked balls to be me for about an 2 hours, but fuck it, I did it with a smile coz he saved my day from mowing that lawn. I don't know if it's a black thing, but this is the ebb and flow of a typical black community.Ubuntu, hard to describe to you white people, because you operate on that what's mine is mine mantra.

Lakeland, Florida - A man who police say had been drinking and was trying to mow his neighbor’s lawn ended up in a violent fight with two officers. It was 8:00 Tuesday night when Joseph Florence, 57, decided he was fed up with the way his neighbor’s lawn and decided to take matters into his own hands. According to Lakeland police, Florence went into his neighbor, Steven Roth’s house and connected a water hose to Roth’s spicket and starting watering the lawn. When Roth asked Florence to leave, he refused and so Roth called 911 on his neighbor. Two Lakeland Police, Officers Nicholas Ivancevich and Heather Freeman arrived and started talking to the two men about the dispute. Roth told them that Florence takes it upon himself to regularly come over uninvited and mow his lawn. Officers say when they first made contact with Florence they could immediately smell alcohol on him. They tried to to talk to Florence about the dispute but they say he became aggressive and refused to calm down. He was becoming increasingly aggravated as he talked about how the way his neighbor kept his yard was a reflection on his property. When Officer Ivancevich went to arrest Florence, he allegedly hit the officer in the face and tried to choke him. Officer Freeman tried to taser Florence three different times as he fought with her partner but it didn’t stop him. The two continued to struggle and Florence managed to tear the officer’s radio microphone from his shirt.

Boy did they beat him good pics after the jump...

Not much to say after lookin at these pics. I feel sorry for dude. Wish I didn't live in an apartment, so I could let him mow the lawn , without catching all those batons.


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