Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The after School Special

Hundreds of people were in the USC quad for a "philanthropy event" when they looked up and got a full-blown complimentary fuck show on the roof of a building courtesy of some Kappa Sigma frat boy and his lady partner. Knees on roof gravel! Ass up! Legs in the air! Bitches were sky fucking without a care in the world.

I know from where you're sitting, it might not seem like it but went to Varsity. You see and experience things while in there. I take my hat off for this brazen display of sex. usc is embarassed about this incident. I reckon the higer ups at the institute, could do with a slight change in perspective. This is definately a glass half fullsituation.You know how many virgins are looking at these pictures and thinking I need to enroll at this Varsity, to get things moving along?

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